The Hartford Police Union is the largest independent municipal police union in the State of Connecticut. We are honored and proud to serve those who serve, providing representation to over 460 men and women serving the City of Hartford as police officers, detectives, police supervisors, dog wardens, parking controllers and police matrons.

As the exclusive bargaining agent for these individuals, we assume the responsibility of negotiating their conditions and benefits of employment as well as maintaining their employment rights. The Hartford Police Union has been providing this representation for nearly 45 years. Originally as a local affiliate of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers and subsequently as an independent union, the union has continually worked to provide it’s membership with the highest quality of representation.

The Union in conformance with it’s by-laws is administered by a Union Executive Board consisting of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. The individuals serving in these positions are elected by a vote of the entire membership every three years. The Union President holds the responsibility for the daily operation of the Union which includes the hiring of staff and professional services and the maintaining of the Union office. He is the exclusive individual authorized to enter into any contract on behalf of the Union.

The Union office is located at 20-28 Sargeant Street in the City of Hartford. We are viable members and taxpayers in the community we serve. The Union membership annually donates numerous hours and dollars to a variety of community agencies and groups as a portion of our community action plan. Many of our members or former members serve on various City & State boards and commissions. Through our president, we are well aware of the challenges faced by City government, as well as the tremendous sacrifices required by our members in their efforts to make a difference in the community they serve.

It is with great pride and admiration that we represent those who respond to danger as their accepted responsibility. Serving those who serve is our privilege and responsibility.

Union Executive Board & Staff

John Szewczyk, President

Joseph Sherbo, Vice President

Christopher Reeder, Treasurer

Nicholas Trigila, Secretary

Paula Butler, Confidential Secretary

Paula has been in the employ of the Union for the past ten years. A retired administrative assistant of the Hartford Police Department, having served for 20 years, where her final assignment was within the Internal Affairs Division. She brings a wealth of internal knowledge and understanding of the Police Department’s operations and familiarity with our membership.

Attorney Michael Georgetti, Use of Force Consultant

Attorney Georgetti provides use of force consultation for union members immediately following incidents in which they have been involved in the use of deadly force. His representations are for a limited duration. Attorney Georgetti who maintains a private practice in Hartford has provided numerous successful representations of police officers charged with criminal offenses relative to the performance of their duties and the use of force, the most recent being Officer Robert Murtha and Robert Lawlor.

Attorney Kyle Macci, Use of Force Consultant
Attorney Macci provides use of force consultation for union members immediately following incidents in which they have been involved in the use of deadly force in conjunction with Attorney Georgetti. He retired from the New Britain Police Department after twenty years of dedicated service and has a multitude of knowledge and experience of the demands and challenges of the police profession. Attorney Macci maintains a private practice in Hartford.

Gary Dumas, Labor Relations Consultant

Gary Dumas is a retired 22 year veteran of the Hartford Police Department. He had held numerous positions in the Hartford Police Union during that tenure of employment. He has an immense knowledge of the collective bargaining process between the City and the Union. His duties are designated by the President and consist of assistance in grievance preparation, disciplinary representation, contractual review, steward and membership education and training and contract preparation or other task as designated by the President.

Harvey & Horwitz Certified Public Accountants

For over the past twenty years the Union has retained the services of Harvey & Horwitz for the filing and review of all financial documents relative to the Union operation. Their review includes the analysis of Union expenditures, financial statements and tax disclosures.